David's interest in art begins in 1979 while visitng China for the first time. Later while living in Japan, he became well known as an accomplished Asian Artist. He is self-taught. He has held several art shows with works selling to buyers from around the world. All David's works are original and unique reflecting his own special style and Asian insights.

He holds a BA degree in Asian Studies from the University of Maryland's Far East Division, Japan and an MBA from the University of Texas in San Antonio. He is also a PhD Candidate from Northcentral University. David was the former Associate Vice President for an American University in Seattle and was responsible for the development of university programs and joint-ventures in many key countries. A key success story was the development of the largest and most successful MBA joint-venture program in China linking Beijing Polytechnic University with an American University. This program received several international awards and is recognized as the best example of university relationship development by both U.S. Accreditation and the MInistry of Education in China. David currently lives in Beijing, China since 2007.

David has lived in China, Japan, Mexico and Thailand, and has worked in Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, North Cyprus, the Phillipines, Turkey, and Mexico. In his early years David served as a Military Analyst from 1967-1987. David also served on a key team analyzing trade data for NAFTA prior to its approval. David was also a research staff member of the University of Texas in San Antonio and the Director of Trade for the World Trade Center, South Texas.

David has a 7th Degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, Korean Karate and holds rank in Shoryn Ryu and Shito Ryu of Japan and Okinawa Karate Do Styles.
Thomas in India
Thomas and CIBT team, Beijing Polytechnic University - China 1998
Canadian Institutue of Business and Technology
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Contract Signing Zhuhai, China
Thomas - Director of Trade World Center, San Antonio, Texas
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Thomas teaching in Beijing
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