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Photographer:  David Reed Thomas
Thank you for visiting this website.   For your understanding, Chinese "Chan" art is similar to Japanese "Zen" meditational art.   It acts to inspire the viewer expanding the imagination beyond the soft inked understatement of the artwork.   The artwork is designed to tell a story, feeling, or impression.
Though art or photographic prints appear with digital frames, picture frames are not normally available. 
Global Photo Samples
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There are 20 or more images per page - sizes and shapes vary. Custom prints may be available
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Global Photo Prints
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I have thousands of photos from around the world. This website is not large enough to post even 5% of them. What is here are some of my favorites. Hope you like them.
Friendly Fox, Portland Oregon, USA
Montenegro, Eastern Europe
Inside Passage, Alaska
These webpages contain selected worldwide original Photographs by David
Contact me if you want prints, most of these are non-traditional sizes:  5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 8x20 or variations. 
Multnomah Falls with fall colors, Oregon, USA
St, Petersburg, Russia
Creater Lake, Oregon, USA
Fish market, Zhuhai, South China
Bird in Oregon, USA
Near Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Multnomah Falls in prime fall color season. Oregon, USA
Along the Washington State Northern Coast, USA
Home Garden Photo, Wilsonville, Oregon, USA
Home Garden, Wilsonville, Oregon, USA
City Street Scene, Beijing, China
Arches National Park, Utah, USA
Fiji Islands
Columbia River Gorge Area, Oregon, USA
Tumwater, Washington, USA
Tallinn, Estonia, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral,
Copenhagen, Denmark - Harbor, Northern Europe
Eastern Coastal, Mexico
Ruby Beach, Washington, USA
Back Yard Photo, Wilsonville, Oregon, USA
Stockholm, Sweden, Northern Europe 
"The Eye", London, England
Copenhagen, Denmark
Fishing, Southern, China
Uruguay, South America
Uruguay, South America
Copenhagen, Denmark
Images of the PEOPLE OF CHINA
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Very Special
Images of the 
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